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My name is Barry McGreevy. I am a professional photographer based in Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland. Specialising in wedding photography, I am a Licentiateship of the Irish Photographic Federation (L.I.P.F). Although based in Drogheda I cover all parts of the country from Dublin to Galway and from Donegal to Cork.

It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words and hopefully you will see through my galleries just how much I love my work while at the same time giving you a taste of my style of photography.

But enough about me. Lets talk about you. All of my weddings have been fabulous occasions but none of them were about me.

The wedding day is all about you, the Bride and Groom. It is the most special day in your life and you want the memory of that day captured forever. From the Bride’s final preparations before she walks up the aisle, to the nervous groom waiting anxiously for his bride. The ceremony, the key moments, the formal shots, the intimate glances, the candid moments, the flowers, the guests. I strongly believe that it is the professional photographer’s duty to capture all of these shots almost unnoticed in most cases. Your wedding day should be a day of immense joy and fun. It is understandable that there will be a small bit of nerves and maybe a few tears on the day and again, a good professional will have the experience and tact to help all concerned through these moments.

Not many of us have our photograph taken on a regular basis as part of our daily life and it is only natural to feel a little uncomfortable being a photographer’s main center of attention for a day. Added to the fact that the day in question just happens to be the most important day of their life, this can leave some brides and grooms feeling not at all at ease around the camera on what should be a great occasion for them. It is important to me that you feel relaxed and comfortable on your wedding day and I want this to come through in your photographs. That is why I always like to build a relationship with the bride and groom well ahead of the big day. I like to meet with them and have a chat about their wedding plans and just have the craic in general so that by the time the big day comes we are both very comfortable with each other and the Bride and Groom can relax at least knowing that one thing they don’t have to be stressing about is  the photographs.

So that is enough about me for now I think. Hopefully you will have got a good general impression of my approach to shooting your wedding day and indeed my approach and outlook towards my clients. I would just like to finish by giving a little piece of advice as you search for a photographer to capture those precious memories from your most special day. After the wedding day is over, after the wedding dress has been lovingly stored away, after the honeymoon, after all the wedding day cards and messages of congratulations have been taken down, after the flowers have died and long after the wedding cake has been eaten, there will still be one tangible memory of the most special day in your life that you will have to look back on and to cherish for the rest of your life – your wedding day photographs. Firstly I would advise you to think strongly if you are considering using a friend or family member who happens to have a decent camera as your wedding day photographer, unless they have done this particularly difficult discipline in photography previously and can show you results that you would be happy with for the rest of your life. Secondly if you do decide to hire a professional photographer for your wedding, be it me or someone else, remember it is your special day and that photographer will very likely be the one person who will be in your company for all the big and many of the little moments throughout the day so it is important to take the time to find someone you like :-). Please do invest carefully both emotionally and financially when choosing your wedding photographer because after all, it really is all about you.

So if you would like to have a chat about your wedding day please do get in touch. Thanks for taking the time to read this and enjoy the site.

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